Eminent Engineering

About Us

We know that our clients are the key to our success. triumph.


Eminent Engineering Ltd is a steel fabrication company based in Northumberland working on a vast range of projects from design, manufacturing and installation of elements such as staircases, handrails, balustrades, mezzanine floors and more. Founded by Managing Director Paul Milsted in 2006 the company has grew substantially and formed strong, long lasting relationships with many major constructions firms around the UK and overseas. Throughout the years we have also provided a full fabrication service for theme park rides, such as log flumes. Past projects in the theme park industry have seen us work internationally with clients in countries such as Indonesia and the USA. Not only do we use metals such as steel and aluminium, but we often incorporate additional materials such as wood and glass.

Our accuracy, reliability and CE Marking to Execution Class 2, and Construction Online Gold Membership, means we are often the preferred metal fabrication subcontractor for a vast range of clients not only in the North East, but around the UK.

We have many qualified employees who have been with us for several years, some of who mentor an aspiring team of fabrication and welding apprentices. Our commitment to continuous development and training has resulted in a workforce with a vast range of welding and fabrication skills and an excellent knowledge base, enabling us to provide the very best service possible.